Are you feeling overwhelmed or burned-out? Are your dealing with headaches and back pain because your muscles are tight and you don’t know how to relax? Would you like to be peaceful, relaxed, yet creative and productive? Would you like to feel energetic throughout the day and sleep soundly at night? Do you wonder if that is even possible for you?
Dr. Pauline Lucas and Phoenix Yoga and Meditation understand the physical and emotional symptoms that come with a stressed mind and body both through personal experience and from working with thousands of clients and patients. They can help you!
 Dr. Lucas specializes in practical stress reduction methods based on medical research and the ancient wisdom of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. She offers Lifestyle Coaching and teaches a variety of programs, either private or in groups, with the purpose of helping you become more aware of the stressors in your life and how your mind and body respond to them.
 Dr. Lucas offer easy techniques you can use to become more resilient, relaxed, and enjoy a more fulfilling life.
By living mindfully, with regular practices of yoga and meditation, and with nutritional modifications you can reduce your stress level on both the mind and body. This lifestyle enhances sleep so you can wake up refreshed. Practices taught by Phoenix Yoga and Meditation help relieve physical ailments and strengthen the immune system. The positive outlook that results from a balanced lifestyle improves relationships with family, friends and colleagues.


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All of this is possible, even if you have a busy life with lots of responsibilities and demands on your time.

Phoenix Yoga and Meditation’s mission is to support our clients on their journey to a healthy body, peaceful mind, and meaningful life, through practices that integrate modern medical research and ancient wisdom.