About the Founder

Founder of Phoenix Yoga and Meditation, Dr. Pauline Lucas, has been a single mother for many years and knows a thing or two about stress and the negative effects it has on every aspect of life. This understanding comes not only from her personal experience-juggling childcare and household responsibilities and a busy career, but also from the 30 +years of working in healthcare and wellness with thousands of clients and patients. Through trial and error, and much study and practice, she has learned-and continues to learn-how to live a balanced and productive life with many demands placed on her time.

“My greatest joy is to help people connect with their own inner wisdom, and teach them to trust and express their true nature in all aspects of life. I teach my clients the tools to de-stress, and I support them in their healing and life transformation — especially when they are facing difficult circumstances. I know how to guide them because I made the journey myself.”

Dr. Pauline Lucas
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Board Certified Women’s Health Specialist
  • Certified Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor
  • Professional Yoga Therapist
  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Certified Integrative Women’s Health and Functional Nutrition Coach 
  • Certified MMI Mindfulness@Work Trainer


Healthy Wealthy Smart Podcast by Karen Litzy-Interview with Dr. Pauline Lucas

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In this podcast, Dr. Pauline Lucas discusses how she uses meditation in her physical therapy practice and in her personal life. Learn how meditation can be helpful for your patients as well as strategies for use in their therapy and your own.

Learn how yoga and other holistic practices can benefit trauma survivors and help develop resiliency

videoThis comprehensive program is especially designed for yoga teachers and those currently serving or interested in serving populations dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and trauma.

It includes lectures, yoga classes, and interactive practicums on topics like adapting yoga practice and teaching for trauma, mindfulness and meditation for addressing chronic pain, yoga and meditation for traumatic brain injury, addressing stress and burnout in caregivers, iRest Yoga Nidra, and much more.

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