PaulineDr. Pauline Lucas, owner and founder of Phoenix Yoga and Meditation is available to speak at your event. Her topics include therapeutic use of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, women’s health, and self-care for busy people. She inspires audiences by sharing personal stories as well as experiences based on her work with thousands of clients, patients, and students. Each presentation includes practical and experiential components, as she shares techniques that combine ancient wisdom and modern medical science. Her presentations are entertaining as she connects with her audience and uses a good amount of humor, even when addressing challenging topics.

Presentations range from 1-hour introductory lectures, to multi-day workshops, tailored to the particular needs of the audience. Dr. Pauline Lucas has experience presenting to various audiences, from regional and national medical conferences, to universities and academic centers, support groups, yoga and meditation events, meditation teacher trainings, and retreats. See calendar for past and future presentations.

Popular presentations include:
Mindfulness and Meditation in HealthCare

Mindfulness and Meditation in HealthCare:

This workshop is taught as either a 2-hour lecture with practice, or a 1-2 day workshop. It addresses how mindfulness and meditation can be used in patient care and how healthcare providers can use these techniques to prevent burn-out and be fully present while doing their work as well as in their personal life. Explanation of the neuroscience and evidence behind the techniques is discussed.


Preventing burnout in Caregivers:

Caregiver stress can be a significant problem. Caregivers are at higher risk for burnout and greatly benefit from a good self-care routine to keep their life in balance. This workshop discusses reasons behind caregiver burn out, and ways to prevent this through practical and easy to implement self-care techniques.


Self-care for busy moms:

Working moms are the ultimate multi-taskers and often have little to no time to take care of their own needs. This engaging, entertaining and informative program explores practical mindfulness based self-care strategies to stay energized and healthy while juggling the many responsibilities of motherhood.

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